The vineyards of Chablis

  • La Porte d'Or de Bourgogne

    Is it possible to find a prettier name for this exceptional vineyard whose fame has spread far and wide for many a year?

    A single variety – chardonnay – the grape of all great white Burgundies, here gives birth to dry white wines, both finessed and tight, and crystal clear.

    Situated in the Yonne department, about 160km South-East of Paris, halfway between Auxerre and Tonnerre, in the valley of the Serein, the vineyards of Chablis are the most northerly of Burgundy. But its true individuality is derived from its unique soil: the Kimmeridgian limestones and marnes.

  • The kimmeridgian is a jurassic period during which the ground of the same name was formed. It is a composite sedimentary soil, according to the layers, of hard limestone, calcareous marl and marl.

    With a practiced eye, you will find the famous oyster "Exogyra Virgula", symbol of the Chablis terroir. Over the millennia the Serein patiently eroded successive layers of rocks to draw the landscape of Chablis hillsides and offer us this land so well suited to the vine.

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